With the Roan Arts team, I was able to help create four editions of a tabletop roleplaying game. This included custom websites, book layout and typesetting, graphic design work, scripting, and even creating local web applications and websites.

The final website is available for viewing online and includes all four editions, as well as the simple dice-rolling web page I created for clients and players of the game. The source files for this webpage are available on Github.

That website, as well as the season three and four custom web editions involved creating static websites from technologies such as Jekyll, Compass+SASS, and a myriad of scripting and conversion techniques.

The scripting work I was involved with mostly involved converting Google Docs HTML files to multi-page output files that could be used by the Jekyll static site generator to create each edition’s webpage output, which can also be found on Github.

I created the Roleplaying is Magic logo shown above, as well as providing general design ideas, feedback, and mockups throughout the duration of the project.

For the first two editions of the project, I did the PDF production, the typesetting, layout, and created various web and Epub versions of our book files. The the last two, I settled into my role as web developer and was able to focus on my web development skills to create high-quality, self-contained websites.

These sites have been designed to be run both off a web server as well as extracted out of a zip file and run by clients by directly double-clicking on HTML files. The final website also has this quality, as it’s always been a high priority with out team to give our users the option to download everything we create and make use of it themselves.

Roleplaying is Magic final edition